Recently, a good friend of mine travelled from her home in Maine to visit us in Avon.  It was getting cold already but I wanted to find something nearby and COVID-safe to do during her stay – and Hogan’s Cider Mill in Burlington seemed like a great place to check out.  I had driven past Hogan’s a few times in the past and it looked like a fun place.  Their website mentioned BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) so I grabbed a rotisserie chicken and some baguettes from the store and made a bunch of BBQ chicken French bread pizzas, wrapped them in foil and headed out with our visitor, my husband and daughter.

It was a little busy there already – it was a Saturday – and we had to ask a family if we could share the area around one of the firepits.  We headed inside to get some cider and found that Hogan’s has a lot more than just apple juice!  The shop is filled with amazing food and products and the staff was amazing.  We grabbed some cider donuts and headed up to the Tap Room where my husband and I ordered a flight of ciders to share while my friend opted for a hot mulled apple cider.  We ventured back out to our seats at the firepit and had lunch with the most amazing ciders sitting out in nature talking and laughing.

When it got a little too cold for our daughter, we decided to go in to the Tap Room for a bit.  The Tap Room is actually made up of several little rooms and areas – it’s super rustic, with antiques and memorabilia decorating the raw wood walls.  We were all cozy and warm thanks to the old stove and we played some trivia thanks to the games that Hogan’s provides.  We grabbed a few bottles of cider to take home and to share as Christmas gifts and headed home.    Hogan’s was a great choice.  The only problem now is that I keep craving their cider and the warmth of the Tap Room – and Hogan’s will be closed for the month of January so I’ll have to wait!

Featured photo:  Hogan’s Crazy Donut:  Hot fresh mulled cider, apple cider donut, whipped cream and Hogan’s holiday sprinkles!