After a trip out with the whole family to the Hogpen Hill Farms Sculpture Park, we decided to look for a nearby winery to sit for a spell before heading back home.  A quick google search for ‘Wineries near me’ showed the highly rated Walker Road Vineyards nearby. The entrance from Walker Road looked to be just a house, but well-placed signage let you know right were to drive in.  Just a short distance down the driveway revealed the tasting room in the barn behind the house.  I parked on the side, next to a well worn winery truck, walked past a Tesla with a personalized license plate that read ‘YMMV’, and we all walked into the barn. While waiting for staff to finish up with some customers buying some wine before they left (always a good sign) I chatted with some other customers who identified themselves as regulars of the place.  They love the relaxed atmosphere and frequently come by to unwind.

There are 5 wines on the menu, and a tasting flight of 4 available.  Luckily, we have two adults in our party, so we can get one flight each and have an opportunity to taste everything offered.

When I could approach the counter, I told the woman behind it that we’d like two tastings, to be able to taste them all, and she can decide what we should double up on.  We also bought the cheese box so the kids could share in the experience too. She first informed us that all their wines are dry.  I offered a hug for that wonderful news!

I assume this place is the whole ‘Mom & Pop’ package.  I think the woman behind the counter was an owner, and her husband came out to the patio where we took our seats to deliver our wine, cheese, and share a picture book of their last harvest.  Unfortunately, one of the cheeses in the ‘New Curds on the Block’ cheese box (I love a good pun) was a bit moldy.  We informed the owner, and he returned with cash to refund us the whole amount of the box.  I gave him back everything but $5 since we ate and enjoyed the rest of the box.

Walker Road wines are superb.  All of them.  I am both impressed that of the 5 wines they offer, only two are single varietal.  Blending wine for the best product is often a forgotten step, even though many believe it is necessary.  The single varietals are great too, but the Red Table Wine is one of the most diverse reds I’ve had.  I could drink it by itself but would love to pair it with an Italian dinner.  The Rosalie is a perfect poolside sipper.

The bottle price is high for just a bottle of wine, but not for this boutique craftsmanship that comes with these bottles.  But the best part of Walker Road is the tasting room and patio.  You can bet I’ll visit again next time I’m in the area for another tasting, or just a glass on the patio.