On a recent Saturday, my daughter and I headed out on one of our “road trips” where we don’t plan much except for one stop. This particular day, we knew we wanted to pick some fresh blueberries. When we do this, we typically have no idea what town or area we are going to until just before we leave the house. Last minute, we decided on Clark Farms at Bushy Hill Orchard in Granby, CT. The drive from Avon was very nice and the blueberry picking was the absolute best! The bushes are really set back and it wasn’t crowded at all, allowing us to chat about my daughter’s recent camp trip. The blueberries were enormous, ripe and absolutely everywhere! When we cashed out we realized that Bushy Hill also has a cafe, greenhouse (although we didn’t see much for plants), a little shop and ice cream stand with — GASP — Apple Cider Donut Sundaes??!! We weren’t ready for ice cream yet so we agreed to return another day to test out the scoops.

From Bushy Hill, we decided to try a thrift store (a new passion for my daughter) nearby. Top Drawer Consignment is on Hartford Avenue is Granby and it was such a great find! My daughter scored a handful of gorgeous items – a romper, a shirt and a beautiful yellow brand name coat – for a great price. The store was super clean, organized and had a ton of great clothes for juniors.

When we left, we were ready for a snack and after doing a Yelp search I realized that we were just a minute away from Icy Rolls – and neither of us had ever tried the “stir fried” ice cream before. My daughter went way outside of her comfort zone and ordered a strawberry cheesecake with white chocolate chips (she’s typically a vanilla kid). It was gorgeous and she said it was the “best ice cream she ever had”! I’m dairy-free and was surprised to find that they actually have a few alternative options. Between the time spent outside, the shopping and some great food, it was a very successful girls’ day out!