After getting several home improvement tasks done over the weekend, I decided to reward myself with a visit a brewery.  I looked up Brewery Legitimus on Facebook and saw that a Food Truck was there all day and figured a lunch trip would be great.

The brewery itself is hidden a bit to the edge of a large plaza, but if you enter the plaza with the Red Antique mall with the giant sign and go to the opposite side of the plaza, you’ll find it.

Inside is a very large space dedicated to indoor seating and an expansive patio for with plenty of seating to the side of the building.

Brewery Legitimus has a great menu of beers and I particularly appreciate each beer being priced separately for different size pours.  The smallest pour available is 6 ounces, which maybe is a little larger than needed for just a taste (I prefer 4-ounce pours), but their flight paddles hold 4 6-ounce glasses so that’s what I got.   I brought my beers outside and chose a table on the front patio, even though the side patio looked very inviting.  Since I was by myself, I took a small table in the front, set down my beers, and ordered a hotdog from the truck.

Legitimator – A 7% Doppelbock, this is much darker in color than the flavor would suggest, but still malty and pleasant.  Heavy coffee flavors hint around the toasty maltiness of this beer.  Hops are present, and maybe more than usual for a stout but a great balance. I would order this again.

Church Pool – I don’t normally go for a Kolsch style beer, but the brewery had a bunch of IPA options, and I didn’t want to overdo it on those (my next two choices are IPA’s) and I thought this would be a good pairing with the hotdog I was getting from the food truck for lunch.  I was right!!  For a light beer, this was heavier on the malt flavor, but the yeast notes dominated and were a great pairing with the dog.  This is a good entry beer for those just getting into craft beer.

Rage Against the Teddy Bear – Cute name for this high volume Hazy New England IPA.  At 7.8%, it’s a big one, but also heavy handed in the bittering hops for my tastes.  Most of the NEIPA’s I’ve tried thus far have dialed back the bittering hops compared to the Mid-west and even West Coast IPA’s.  If heavy bittering is your thing, you’ll love this one.

Dr. Strangehaze – I approached this Hazy New England IPA tentatively after the previous one but was pleased to drink this beer.  Heavy aroma hops, and just right (for me) bittering hops for a balanced IPA.  This is the type of IPA I’ve been getting used to here on the East Coast, and I’m loving them.

On the way out I decided to buy a couple of their ‘Maple Girl’ beers in the bottle.  These are Belgian Tripel’s aged in different types of Maple Syrup barrels.  I haven’t opened them yet, but I’m excited to try them.

This was a trip that satisfied my want to reward myself for a weekend full of work.  I’ll be doing it again and bringing the family along.